Kaiser – Bad Boy Kid Pics

As much as I enjoy taking pictures of my kids, it's alway a challenge. They just don't let me do it! I have to trick them constantly even to get a single shot off. This time was no different. When my son Kaiser was playing dressed up like this, I just couldn't let the opportunity of getting a shot off get away! He gave in after I dangled the carrot in front of his face….candy (Don't tell daddy!!!). During the photo shoot, he said, "Mom, I'm a bad boy!" I agreed with him wholeheartedly – and these pictures are the end result. I hope you enjoy the images.

Sandra Marcelin

Sandra Marcelin is a professional photographer in Miami, Florida that has her own genetically inspired style. She provides full coverage of weddings and other special events, as well as maternity and newborn/kids photography.

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