The Cutest Easter Bunny on Earth!

This post is about Meagan's Easter photo shoot. Meagan is the cutest baby on Earth, isn't she? She's simply adorable. She looks like one of those porcelain baby dolls that you collect and put away under lock and key to take care of forever. Mayte and Ramses, thank you for giving me the opportunity to photograph Meagan. She belongs on the cover of a magazine!!! I hope you're enjoying the baby pictures as much as I am.

Sandra Marcelin

Sandra Marcelin is a professional photographer in Miami, Florida that has her own genetically inspired style. She provides full coverage of weddings and other special events, as well as maternity and newborn/kids photography.

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  • Sandy your pictures are fabulous I always knew you had that in you. And those pictures of Meagan are adorable it’s true she does belong in a cover of a magazine.

    <3 Cary

  • This baby is sooooo adorable… You take the most gorgous pictures =) I can’t wait to have babies so that you can be their photographer!

  • what can I say?…you know something? your pictures are unique..very good taste Sandy y no por que soy tu hermana, pero estan preciosas estas fotos y Meagan es un bombom…es una preciosura esta bebe!


  • Thank you all for the wonderful comments on my daughter ,I know Sandy will get far as she has the talent and patience this business requires.I think all babies are special and all photographers have a taste of their own. Thank you Sandy until next marathon <3 Mayte, Ramses & Meagan.

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